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Canat Boac Marinduque - Facebook Page Verified

Facebook Page- Verified

NEWSUPDATESCanat Boac Marinduque Official Page are now verified according to the Facebook guidelines and page eligibility.

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Miyerkules, Pebrero 24, 2016

Canat Boac -Value of lot

Canat Boac -Value of lot in CANAT, BOAC, MARINDUQUE

Title: Value of lot in CANAT, BOAC, MARINDUQUE

City/Municipality: BOAC
Barangay: CANAT

Revenue District Office Branch:RDO No. 62 – Boac, Marinduque(covering All Municipalities)
Jurisdiction: Revenue Region 9 – San Pablo City
DEPARTMENT ORDER NO. 7 – 09 , issued on January 19, 2009 with public hearings conducted on May 21, 2008, duly signed by the Secretary of Finance,MARGARITO B. TEVES as per recommendation by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue,SIXTO S. ESQUIVIAS IV.
Revision : 2ND REVISION
Effectivity Date: February 25, 2009 to present



  • Classification: Residential Regular (RR) = PHP175.00/sqm
  • Classification: Residential Regular (RR) = PHP150.00/sqm
  • Classification: General Purposes (GP) = PHP70.00/sqm
  • Classification: Riceland Unirrigated (A2) = PHP14.00/sqm
  • Classification: Upland (A3) = PHP7.50/sqm
  • Classification: Coco Land (A4) = PHP19.00/sqm
  • Classification: Nipa Land (A8) = PHP7.50/sqm
  • Classification: Cogon (A10) = PHP7.50/sqm
  • Classification: Orchard (A12) = PHP7.50/sqm

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Canat Features

                                                                                                      Canat River